Tara Tarrant / Owner

Thank you for visiting La Jolla Stone Etching. The San Diego based company has been creating exquisite custom etched products in flagstone, rock, and glass, among other materials since 2003. The company was founded by artist/sandblaster, Tara Tarrant. With over 10 years experience in sand etching and creative design, she and her company have earned high profile jobs with some of the top Universities, Real Estate agents, landscapers and developers as well and work on several city projects both locally and across the nation. La Jolla Stone Etching specializes in, in-house and on-site work, including donor recognition walls, fundraiser bricks, concrete and stone engraving, commercial logos, addresses and real estate closing gifts.

At La Jolla Stone Etching, integrity and experience have given us the opportunity to create the highest quality product with personal and unique expression. Each stone is hand selected and etched locally. We will work with you on the artistic layout and detail of your product. Virtually anything can be etched, so you are limited only by your imagination. Allow us the opportunity to create something special for you.






P.O. Box 631 La Jolla, CA 92038 | 619-847-0047