Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where and how do I display the stone?
Address stones work great in landscape with exterior lighting and accents such as boulders, rocks, ground cover and larger plants for the back and sides of the stone. Stones can also be mounted on a wall or mailbox pillar. Name stones look great on a front porch next to potted plants, on a fireplace base, or in a garden setting. These stones are flat and need to be leaned up against a stone, tree, cinder block, etc. (Ask for tips regarding installation)

2. Can I pick out my own stone? / Do you provide the stone?
You can pick out your own stone, however most stones are hand selected after your order is placed based on your requests, so picking out your stone isn’t necessary but is an option. You can also provide your own stone, however not all stones can be etched dependant upon texture and density. Ask for more info.

3. How long does it take to get the stone once the order is placed?
Most orders can be completed in 1-2 weeks.

4. Do you use natural or synthetic stone? / What type of stone do you use?
We use natural stone. We use flagstone and river rock primarily. There are various color tones and textures. We mostly use natural and neutral colors that compliment most landscapes and residences. The etching is painted after it’s etched for contrast.

5. What type of lettering, fonts, artwork can I pick from?
The most commonly used fonts are a block type,  script type, or a combination of both together. Any artwork or logo can be etched and color painted. Each stone is designed on an individual basis. Inquire by email or phone to work with us on a personal layout.

6. How much does the stone weigh?
It depends on the size and thickness of the stone but most stones weigh between 15-50lbs.

7. How do I get the stone from you? Is Delivery Available?
You can pick up your order from the shop or delivery and installation are available. We can ship orders as well.

8. Where are you located?
Our shop is located in Southern California in the San Diego area.

P.O. Box 631 La Jolla, CA 92038 | 619-847-0047